Get Involved!

For anyone interested in getting involved with managing the club, we offer a clear and transparent path towards becoming an officer. There are 3 steps or tiers on your way to becoming an officer, and every tier comes along with its own package of benefits and responsibilities.


If you are interested in joining management or helping out during your spare time, reach out to any available officer or room monitor. We would be more than happy to schedule a consultation or brief meeting to meet and discuss where you fit in at the CS Club! These meetings can also be made via email (as listed on the Contact page).

Tier 1

Basic volunteers who help with marketing and communication, creating & posting flyers, as well as running event check ins. Most  volunteer tasks can be found on the club's Trello board, or can be given by any CS Club officer upon request (if any are available).

Tier 2:

Room monitors who are responsible for looking after the room (enforcing rules, managing snack bar), directing Tier 1 helpers, assisting project team leads, and providing aid to weekly lab instructors, if needed.

Tier 3

Officers who are in charge of planning events, delegating tasks, and other club related paperwork. Tier 3 club members are expected to be organized, diligent, and have some experience in overseeing projects and/or teams.